Nidec CHS coil car

The Industry Standard

The Nidec CHS coil car is one of the best ways to improve coil line throughput. The advantages of using a coil car include: the ability to pre-stage coils while the reel is still in use; quick and easy reloading of the reel after completion of the previous coil; and elimination of damage to the reel that can result from direct loading using other methods.

Product Features

  • All Steel Fabricated Construction
  • Hydraulic Traverse and Lift
  • 4 Guide Post Design
  • Swing In Narrow Coil Supports
  • Enclosed Hydraulic and Electrical in Cable Carrier
  • Optional Nylon Covering
  • Optional Laser Coil Centering System with CHS Reels
Nidec CHS coil car

Nidec CHS Coil Car Models

TLC-100 – 10,000lb Capacity

TLC-200 – 20,000lb Capacity

TLC-300 – 30,000lb Capacity

TLC-400 – 40,000lb Capacity

TLC-500 – 50,000lb Capacity

TLC-600 – 60,000lb Capacity