SYS-DPA Joins Nidec Press & Automation Group

Nidec Press & Automation CEO David Winch has announced the acquisition of a German-based company specializing in high-speed metal forming automation machinery and technology.

Systeme and Steuerungen (SYS) and its subsidiary Die Peripherie Anlagen (DPA) join the NPA group of companies in offering comprehensive high-quality turnkey manufacturing solutions to its global customers.

SYS-DPA products include high-speed servo feeds, related automation machinery and integrated controls with state-of-the-art production management and monitoring software. In addition, SYS-DPA offers a full suite of customer service products, specializing in press remanufacturing.

“This acquisition will allow us to offer a wider array of products and services, increase our global presence, and boost the profits of our customers by combining the experience and synergies of our group companies,” Winch said.

Founded in 1994, SYS-DPA is headquartered in Grafenau, Germany and employs 120 individuals. Current Managing Director Wolfgang Biewald and his leadership team will continue to lead the SYS-DPA team in Germany.

Additional NPA brands include Minster, specializing in mid-range tonnage and high performance mechanical and servo presses with an unprecedented reputation for quality, durability and technology.

Arisa manufactures some of the world’s largest servo and mechanical presses and specializes in customized solutions with built-to-order transfer and material handling systems integrated with unique controls and software.

Additional OEM solutions from Nidec Press & Automation include high-speed servo feeding systems from Vamco and high-speed presses from Kyori — a leader in the electronic stamping industry for more than 30 years.

All NPA brands share numerous global manufacturing facilities, allowing for responsive delivery times, shared manufacturing expertise and reduced costs.

In addition, NPA operates global Service Centers located in Minster, U.S.A.; Peiting, Germany; Ningbo, China; Kyoto, Japan; Navarrete, Spain; and Querétaro, Mexico.

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