Bagpak Offers Turnkey Solutions

Bagpak Expands to Offer Turnkey Beverage Can Solutions


Bagpak’s most recent investment is a Minster DAC-H165 cupping press, which is currently producing up to 3.5 million aluminum cups per day for the company.

Bagpak, an independent can-maker located in Poland, has experienced more than a decade of steady growth thanks to its ability to provide customers with a wide range of value-added services.

With two modern cupping lines at its production facility near Stalowa Wola, Bagpak is producing 3.5 million aluminum and 1.5 million steel beverage cans per day. In addition to it’s own end-making machinery, Bagpak also partners some of the world’s largest producers of beverage can ends to give its customers a variety of options.

But Bagpak does not stop with just the empty can. The facility also includes a graphic arts department to assist with can designs, and a filling line, with capabilities of preparing beverage ingredients in prior to filling.

Bagpak Vice President Albert Kurzecki said the company’s unique turnkey capabilities has created a diverse customer base.

“We have customers that have their own brands, but no filling capabilities, so we can do everything for them from making the can to filling the can and actually supplying the product,” he said. “We also have customers that have their own filling lines and they just purchase the cans from us.

“What we do here, we like to call vertical integration,” he continued. “We can control the process from top to bottom. Everything from the production of the can, to the production of the liquid, to getting the can on the shelf at the store. And the customer can get in at any stage they want.”


Bagpak Vice President Albert Kurzecki reviews warehouse inventory for a growing list of beverage can customers.

Founded in 2008, Bagpak incorporated a Nidec Minster DAC-150 press for its first can line. 

“We initially had a different press that did not run well,” Kurzecki said. “We soon exchanged it for the DAC-150, and it’s been powering the whole line for 10 years now. It’s been a workhorse, very impressive. And that’s the reason we decided to stay with Minster for our second can line.”


This Minster DAC-150 cupping press has been in operation at Bagpak for nearly 10 years, and gives the company the unique versatility of producing steel cups for beverage cans.

In 2017 Bagpak launched a high speed cupping line for manufacturing two-piece aluminium cans, featuring a Minster DAC-H165 press capable of producing up to 4,900 cups per minute.

“The DAC-H165 cupping press has proven to be a very good investment,” Kurzecki said. “The press provides us with many technical solutions that help increase our production. Changing the die set is much quicker, and we are able to automate many processes. We want our guys working on can production, not standing around making sure the press will run.”

Kurzecki added that readily available customer service support is another factor in the ongoing relationship with Minster.

“We feel that we’re treated well and we always have that help right around the corner if anything happens,” he said. “One call to the Minster office in Germany, and they will send a team right away.

“My technicians are always working with Minster,” Kurzecki added, “And I’m sure they’re always asking questions and they’re getting good responses. That’s why the machines are running.”

As part of the Nidec Press & Automation Group, Nidec Minster customers have access to the metal-forming industry’s most responsive customer service network. NPA field service personnel are dispatched from more than 90 different locations around the globe. In addition, NPA maintains customer service centers with common repair parts in stock, technical support staff, and remanufacturing capabilities in Minster, Ohio; Ningbo, China; Peiting, Germany; and Querétaro, Mexico.

Having begun as a primary can supplier to Poland’s Van Pur Brewery, Bagpak has dramatically increased production and product diversity with the installation of the second can line. Today the company delivers cans of a variety of volumes to more than 50 countries around the world. And recently Bagpak received quality certification from Coca-Cola and Heineken.

“Our goal is always growth,” Kurzecki said. “As an independent company we have a unique situation here where we can quickly make decisions on projects and move forward. We are growing and we look toward companies like Nidec Minster to help us grow together.”

Minster EC press

A Minster end conversion press is one of the many tools available to Bagpak in its ability to offer turnkey beverage can solutions to its customers.

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